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Feel Good

We will post a green tip each weekday to help you reduce your environmental footprint by making small changes to your lifestyle that are easy, fun, stylish, money-saving AND make you feel good!

Do I have to eat Tofu?

To be 'green' you don't need to change overnight to a diet of mainly tofu, having cold showers, wearing hessian clothes and living in a house of recycled tyres. There are small things you can do to start today!

Join the (Mexican) Wave

Every time you take on one of our tips, you’re having a positive impact on our planet and it creates a ripple, that can cause a wave of green. Jump on the wave, spread the word and switch to a happier, greener lifestyle!

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About the Daily Lime

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Fashion & Beauty tips

If you like to keep up with fashion, discover ways to get your designer fix by renting designer handbags, organizing a clothes swap and investing in vintage clothes. Get lots of great tips to cut down on waste and toxins in your beauty regime too!

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Get your foodie fix

Without compromising your love of food, find great ways to shop more ethically, with less packaging and know what cheese, chocolate or eggs to choose. You will also find some tasty new food and recipes to try, and ways to cut down on food waste.

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Journey to zero waste

With small choices you make when shopping, and little changes you can make at home, you can cut your household waste by half! Learn from daily lime the little things you can do each day to have less and less waste.

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Take power & save energy

As you get and implement more and more tips on how to reduce your energy use and be more energy efficient, watch your electricity bill go down and down! And it’s good to know you will be helping the planet too.

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